A personal take on Gamma bias and the anti-male agenda. Part 2: Minimization of female privilege and maximization of male privilege.

In the last post, I decided to write a little about gamma bias. A theory that I have recently been reading about and how it seems to impact the anti-male agenda which I believe to be very real. Part one of this series deals with the minimization of female perpetrators. It seems to me that women can get away with so much these days due to the fact that they are female.

I’ve been told that there is some patriarchy that makes it OK for blatant misandry and bias against males to go unpunished or passed off as some kind of “joke”. But its not funny! Somehow, the hashtag #KillAllMen just doesn’t seem palatable to say the least. And I’ve got a feeling it doesn’t suit the taste of anyone who love and respect men either.

And while the ability to engage in blatant misandry with little to no consequence while claiming to be the victim of oppression is in itself a position of unacknowledged privilege, there are several other areas of privilege that women enjoy almost under the radar. We’re not allowed to call it privilege though else we run the risk of being called sexist pigs. But nevertheless I’m going to happily take the risk with just a few areas to prove my point.

  1. Education system. Males are far more likely to drop out of the education system and under-perform. Yet, our leaders have been far more encouraging to females with programs and scholarships while not doing the same for males. We have women in STEM, women in agricultureetc. where under-representation was aggressively addressed and framed as areas of male privilege. However, in areas where males are underrepresented where are our policies? Of course very little is done and the narrative is no longer founded on privilege. Society doesn’t talk about female privilege in those instances. Biases towards girls have also been found in grading of male and female students, some studies show but this privilege isn’t viewed as privilege.
  2. Support for domestic violence victims. It was found by the CDC that 40% of domestic violence victims are males. Yet almost all of the shelters are geared toward females. A privilege that female victims have over male victims of DV. But this difference isn’t really looked at as an imbalance. Instead, we hear that men, with all their patriarchal privilege exert power over women and men are called upon to campaign #HeForShe.
  3. Punishment for crimes: Females get punished less severely for the same crimes is also a privilege that tends to go unnoticed by the mainstream ideologues who are bent on keeping the patriarchy narrative alive and well. As more men’s rights activists continue their struggle despite being misrepresented at every turn, hopefully the day will come when we can evolve our thinking to treat male victims with the same empathy as we do female victims.
  4. Consider car insurance. Males generally pay more for car insurance than females. Some insurance companies have plans and discounts specifically for females; a systemic advantage that is not framed as female privilege in the least. This would upset the whole patriarchy argument. The counter argument, of course is that females are supposedly safer drivers than males. But I can’t help asking this question though, if it was found that a particular race of people were safer drivers than another race, would we dare to implement a policy that is based on such a pre-defined condition? Or would this be considered racist? The warriors of woke intersectionality would be out in their numbers and the insurance companies would be on their knees begging for mercy. Yet if the privilege is given to females it is not framed as a privilege.

All this happens while we are “reliably informed” that there is a patriarchy and furthermore, we are not allowed to question this fact. But still we should raise questions where we can so that the very gynocentric culture to which we are part will not remain.

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