A personal take on Gamma bias and the anti-male agenda. Part 1: Minimization of female perpetrators and maximization of male perpetrators.

I was reading about Gamma bias theory (Seager & Barry, 2019) recently as I continue to grapple with understanding issues and challenges surrounding men today. Even for an average guy like myself, it was pretty intriguing to me to see something that I instinctively felt was true, laid our so clearly.

A lot of times the good that males do are minimized whereas the good that females do are maximized. Conversely, the bad that females do are minimized and the bad that males do are maximized.

On the other hand, when males benefit from a situation, it is maximized and if females benefit it is minimized. However, when males are discriminated against it is minimized and when females are discriminated against it is maximized.

Granted that I am still in the process of reading about the theory and various viewpoints on it at the time of this writing but it’s no wonder that an anti-male agenda exists and grows. So anyway, I decided to highlight some examples of gamma bias in a multi-part post with the hope of building up awareness of how distorted and anti-male our thinking as a society has become.

The page will be updated as time goes on so keep checking on it for examples. Also, at the time of this writing, 25th November 2020, I wanted to point out that International Men’s day was celebrated just a few days prior (19th November). So happy belated International Men’s Day!!! Take some time to uplift and encourage your brothers :).

Anyway in this post, the focus will be on the minimization of female perpetrators. I’m just highlighting a few examples below in categories that fit the bill. Please feel free to comment and add more to it in the comment section below:

  1. In the case of female rapists , many times women are given very minor sentences for vile infractions. Importantly, if we able to break this taboo, more males would be willing to come forward and speak about things like sexual abuse at the hands of female perpetrators. In November a story broke about a 35 year old woman who admitted to having sex with multiple underage boys. She was given only a 90 day prison sentence plus probation. Not only that, but we tend to not call female perpetrators, rapists but soften the language to things like “had sexual relations with a minor” etc. Can’t imagine a man in similar position being treated with such care.
  2. How about the issue of domestic violence. Males are often afraid or ashamed to report being abused by their female partners. A large part of this is due to the minimization of female perpetrators of domestic abuse. It is another change that needs to happen within our mindset as a society. The case involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp makes this so clear. Despite the evidence that Heard was the abuser, her actions were largely minimized by mainstream media. Think of the average man experiencing domestic abuse at the hands of a female perpetrator who doesn’t have a fanatic fan base and who is ridiculed when he attempts to make reports. Conversely, when a man is accused of domestic abuse, his name is broken beyond repair and he is cast out by an unforgiving society on the word of his female accuser with or without evidence.
  3. Consider also the case of false accusations of rape against males. The false accuser generally gets off the hook, so to speak, considering the irreparable damage done to a man’s reputation and life in general. Cases like Paul Nungesser, vs “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz shows the havoc false accusers can cause to a man’s life. Yet here we are with #BelieveAllWomen regardless of evidence or due process.
  4. The pervasiveness of misandry in all its forms. From broad-brushing of masculinity as toxic to the use of the twitter hashtag #killallmen, it seems that its easy to get away with misandry these days. There is almost no consequence. Whats the worst that can happen to a radical feminist right? Suddenly hate speech is ok so long as its against men. Disgusting! Turn the tables around, can we even fathom a #killallwomen. It would rightfully be put down as hate speech but men are not shown the same respect.

I’ll continue to update the post with more examples and also aim to look at the other aspects of the anti-male agenda through the lens of gamma bias theory.

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