Never feel guilty about speaking on men’s issues and rights

I’d like to start off by making three statements. Firstly, it is not a man’s world. Secondly, the problems and disadvantages men face are very real and very significant. And finally, no matter how small your problem may seem, it is wrong to be bullied, intimidated or shamed into not expressing it to its full extent.

Men’s issues do exist and they they deserve far more attention than they receive

With that in mind, lets look at some areas of life men are disadvantaged and this is by no means exhaustive but I’m sure more will be covered on it in future posts. A quick look at data on the education system we find that boys tend to drop out and fall behind in schools more frequently. Most college campuses are disproportionately female. Yet how many initiatives are in place to fix this under-representation of males? There are major drives, however, to fix areas where women are under-represented.

How about punishment of serious crimes. Men tend to be punished more severely for the same crimes as women, men tend to die at an earlier age, men are far less likely to get custody of children in custody battles. So many men lose their hard earned possessions in court to a disgruntled ex-wife. Yet somehow, we are told that we live in a man’s world.

Consider domestic abuse! With the amount of exposure about domestic violence against women, you would think that statistics on domestic violence would be heavily lopsided. But you would be wrong. In fact, 40% of domestic violence victims are males. Let that sink in for a second. Does the number of male shelters reflect this percentage? Should the government run campaign slogans advocating for end to domestic violence be more equitable? Maybe something like end violence against men and women! Where do abused men turn? Would the number be even higher if we take emotional abuse into account? Do we consider that women abuse men differently? Make no mistake, its not a mans world.

How about under-representation in the workforce. Many initiatives exist to encourage women in areas where they were traditionally under-represented. Do we have the same initiatives to encourage boys and men to enter into areas where they are under-represented? Institutionalized sexism and double-standards at its most obvious. Its not a mans world.

Facing and pushing past the negativity

If you have ever publicly brought up men’s issues anywhere other than a men’s rights forum, you are probably going to hear the screech of voices countering that we live in a patriarchy, it was men who built the patriarchy and therefore all these problems are our own making. It’s a man’s world, they say. By the way, these are the champions of ending victim blaming.

But honestly, I’m very skeptical as to whether a patriarchy exists. There are elements of patriarchy AND matriarchy in society today. Furthermore, these “norms” were not only created by men. I believe that many norms were created and accepted by both men and women. Men are not evil and cause of all oppression in the world. Lets be clear on that.

Of course, many gender studies “experts” will bring forth their cherry-picked statistics and theories from textbooks written in the 1960s trying to get you to shut up about men’s issues; trying to make you understand that women’s issues are more pressing and therefore you should spend time and effort on that until you are told that its OK to do otherwise.

But there’s a simple reason why you should just push forward speaking out about men’s issues anyway. These issues are yours, as a man. Say them and express them and own them. Maybe the indoctrinated activist/academic hybrid spits out something they claim to be fact. That doesn’t mean that it is. And you don’t owe them your mind. Go look for the truth yourself. Look at the raw data. The current data. The entire thing. Not just the cherry-picked parts of it that might be highlighted in some studies.

Regardless of how big or small the issue is, if you see a double standard in your daily life that negatively impacts men and you want to say it then say it. Spread the word. Enjoy speaking out on men’s issues and grow from fighting off the negativity that will undoubtedly come your way. It’s all about growth and its about time!!

If you have any comments for improvements or if you want to hear about any specific issue or double standard that men face, feel free to drop a comment.

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